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If you're looking for a high quality low mileage used, reconditioned or re manufactured BMW engine for your vehicle then you're at your ultimate destination - Global Engines UK. We are the pioneers and have set the industry standard for maintaining the highest and most stringent quality. Global Engines UK is a family owned business serving our valued customers for many years. We know what customer satisfaction means and fully understand your needs with unquestionable quality of work and premiere quality of service. We supply and fit car engines, SUV engines and 4x4 engines in our extensive engine reconditioning and re manufacturing workshop in Essex, UK. In our sophisticated engine re manufacturing and reconditioning facility, our skilled workers and engine specialists utilize all their expertise to bring you a reliable and high quality reconditioned and re manufactured BMW engines.We at Global Engines, during the reconditioning and re manufacturing process implement the highest standards of quality as set by the original manufacturer


Every reconditioned BMW engine is checked in detail by our highly skilled and experienced engineers. All BMW engines are rebuilt with new components. This is why we are able to guarantee reliability when we deliver any type of engine whether it is a petrol or diesel engine attention to detail is paramount. All BMW engines are rebuilt in-house and our team of expert technicians and machinists ensure your vehicles engine will meet all industry approved standards. Global Engines UK offer huge savings on quality engines and the greatest advantage gained from buying a reconditioned engine from Global Engines is the combination of reliability and value for money which you shall have.We will always fit the best engine for your vehicle and when our engines are fitted,BMW reconditioned engine each vehicle is tested by our experts for any faults which would of course be corrected before we would hand the vehicle back to you. All our re manufactured/reconditioned engines and gearboxes,BMW reconditioned engine whether petrol or diesel, are backed by an up to six month nationwide unlimited mileage warranty to guarantee your peace of mind. This warranty covers all parts and labour as standard.


In so many cases it is a difficult process when you want to buy a BMW reconditioned engine, especially when you are uncertain of the excellence or repute of the reconditioning company. GLOBAL ENGINES assure you have no doubts about purchasing a BMW reconditioned engine from our company. Reconditioning is an extremely complex procedure that needs the engine to be entirely disassembled. Then our engineers machine the block, change the piston seals and replace the valves. If needed, the pistons will be removed and replaced. Every part within the engine is thoroughly examined for faults and then cleaned. Any parts that fail to come up to our stringent quality standards are removed and replaced.Global Engines Provide all kinds of BMW engine, BMW reconditioned engine, BMW diesel engine, BMW petrol engine, BMW re-manufactured engine, BMW rebuilt engine, BMW engine reconditioning, BMW engine for sale. The result of our hard work is a reconditioned engine that works better than the vehicles original engine, and presents you with the reliability you require.global engines deal in both BMW diesel engine, BMW petrol engine,


As there are so many engines and gearbox parts dealers, you might ask yourself why you would buy a reconditioned engine or gearbox from GLOBAL ENGINES. Its simple, we can offer numerous advantages with our reconditioned engines. All our customers acknowledge our low prices within the industry and our comprehensive stock makes certain that we can offer much more discount than most other companies in the industry. Moreover, there are many other advantages to working with us apart from our reasonable prices, our qualified and experienced staff can offer you assistance and direction to select the right reconditioned engine for your vehicle. We make sure that our customers receives the correct engine according to their needs.Global Engines Provide all kinds of BMW engine, BMW reconditioned engine, BMW diesel engine, BMW petrol engine, BMW re-manufactured engine, BMW rebuilt engine, BMW engine reconditioning, BMW engine for sale. We guarantee that you will find our quality is excellent as it proves itself. So we can claim that we are your number one choice as we ensure our customers have the best experience with us


There are numerous things which can make us stand out from our competitors in the industry. The most significant of these to our customers is choice. We have an entire selection of BMW reconditioned engines and gearboxes on the market, including choices for the domestic Big 3 and imported models. Moreover our company offer more than only reconditioned engines. We also supply our customers with re manufactured engines. Speak to our service representatives and we will be able to cater for all your needs and therefore your satisfaction.BMW diesel engine, BMW petrol engine